Tax receivables

Fast Finance

Fast Finance is the business area of the Banca IFIS Group dedicated to purchasing tax receivables arising from insolvency proceedings: it offers to buy both accrued and accruing tax receivables on which repayment has already been requested or will be requested in the future, and which arose during insolvency proceedings or in prior years.

Based in Bologna, it is a leading company in the services for insolvency proceedings, capturing over 50% market share. It was created in 2001 and has been part of the Banca IFIS Group since May 2011. During 2012 it merged into the Parent, becoming a specialist business area.




Receivables are factored without recourse and without any cost for the seller, with Fast Finance taking responsibility for all costs regarding the valuation, transfer and management of the receivables, including those relating to the issue of any surety bond that may be requested as guarantee by the tax authorities before effecting the repayment.

The high level of technical know-how acquired thanks to its long experience in this sector enables Fast Finance to offer the Parties involved in Proceedings qualified assistance and the utmost efficiency in managing operations through a detailed analysis of every position, with particular attention to the type of tax, the formation period, the amount, the possibility of collection and the timeframe for the repayment.

Fast Finance has eight Area Managers who work on a daily basis with the courts, offering qualified assistance to the Parties involved in Proceedings by detailing them on the operational aspects, as well as supporting the Professional in preparing the documentation and working with him to handle and resolve any problems which may arise in the preparatory stage.



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