rendimax is Banca IFIS’s high-return online savings account aimed at private investors, companies and insolvency proceedings.

It was created in July 2008 and at the end of 2012 rendimax had around 66 thousand accounts with funding of over 3 billion Euro, of which over 50% under the new "rendimax like" formula launched in December 2011. The accelerating rise of this type of funding, which has been constantly growing since its inception, is an extremely positive result of the attention given to the customer, the simplicity of the product, and the transparency and excellent quality of the dedicated service. The possibilities offered to customers are numerous: call deposits, fixed-term deposits with interest paid in advance (First option) or in quarterly arrears (Top option), or rendimax like, a call deposit with cash sums available 33 days after the request. rendimax's other characteristics are: exclusively online account opening and management, security (also due to the guarantee of the Interbank Deposit Protection Fund) and zero costs. In addition to the total exemption from setting-up and management fees, the tax stamp is paid by the Bank and therefore the customer faces no such cost. The rendimax savings account also offers several maturity options for fixed-term deposits, from one to 24 months. Rendimax savers can use the exclusive rendimax debit card (which runs on the Bancomat/Pagobancomat and Cirrus/Maestro circuits).


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